Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bench in the Light at Night

I've decided where my first spot is going to be for "My 5ifteen Tricks". There's this bench in front of the Library at the University of Wisconsin Barron County. It is accross the walk-way from a light post. The light the lamp casts down on the bench is pretty cool looking at night. I think with the help of my portable painter's light, I might be able to get some interesting shots. I think it will also demonstrate how easy it is to get creative with unicycling. Adding more spins, flips and rotations is cool, but it is certainly not creative. I'll try to think up some cool stuff to do on the simplest object around; a bench.

I'd also like to mention that RedBull is doing an advertiseing contest thing. Well, not quite a contest but more of a collaboration of ideas. They're basically just going to be using peoples ideas. Or possibly the raw footage? That is to say if you were to submit a video suggestion. Which is by the way precisely what I intend to do. I hope they use mine. I'd really enjoy being in a RedBull commercial.

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