Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Didn't quite work at my first "My 5ifteen Tricks" stop. It was just too slipery. I was stuck doing stalls and similar tricks. Riding on top of the bench didn't work out too well. I'm sure I got some nice shots though, especially falling ones, so you can look forward to seeing those in a future production, just not a 5ifteen tricks episode.

I have decided to go with an episode intro that will stay the same throughout the series. On top of that, I've started editing some stock footage that will be used in the first episode.

I've also been promoting my DVDS, Demos, and Lessons around town. Once I get enough footage I'll release more information about the DVDs. I do have just about everything I need to start making them, but I'd like to market them to larger buyers, like distributers and shops and stuff like that. So if you're interested, let me know.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


FINALS are about to BEGIN! And as FINALS END so my Unicycling BEGINS.

I'm pretty excited. I just handed in my last paper and I've got one final on Monday and one final on Tuesday to finish up and then I'm free to start filming and editing with my new software!

Wait! What?

That's right! I bought new software. Verry excited to use it. I have plans to begin filming My 5ifteen Tricks on either Wednessday or Thursday. Perhaps even Tuesday night. I suppose it all depends. I've got family coming into town so I'll have to plan accordingly. I'd actually really like to get some of them to come out and watch me film. I know it probably isn't the most exciting thing to watch, but I'd really like to share what I'm doing and what its all about.

Also, I'd like to give a heads up that my first 5ifteen Tricks Episode is intended to be an experamental night scene. Hopefully I'll have power to hook up my lights and see what kind of shots I can get. It should be pretty cold but I'm looking forward to what my efforts will produce.

Stay tuned for more

Cody Shaide

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wings of a Unicycle

So I edited and uploaded my video of the Red Bull ad idea contest. I went with something straight forward and simple. The obvious idea, as with any other sports marketed product, is that it will enhance your performance. I'm not sure what, if any, kind of response I get from it. I saw a lot of other ad ideas that follow the same primitive animation theme that most Red Bull ads have, and I have to admit, they were quite clever and funny. But if nothing else, I know that some Red Bull executives are going to be judging the submissions. I hope that means that one off them will view my video, and if not like it for an ad idea, at least like it for the unicycling in it. I've sent videos to Red Bull before, and either they had no interest in sponsoring me after viewing the video or more likely they had no interest in sponsoring me or viewing the video. I hope this forces them to view my video. What would be really nice is if after seeing it, they considered sponsoring me. I can only hope.

But anyway, this is the video that I submitted. It's from the Midwest Treasure Hunt. Tell me what you think!

Monday, December 6, 2010

RedBull Ad

So I've decided that its too late to film anything new for the RedBull Ad since there's snow on the ground and the indoor hasn't opened up yet. My only option now is to use clips from my hard drive. I've chosen some of my favorite clips from my Midwest Treasure Hunt project and I'll be fashioning a 30 seccond video out of them. I'm sure It will be accompanied by music and text. The text will probably say something on the lines of "Red Bull gives you wings". I don't know, I've yet to work on it. But I'm going to start it today because I don't have much time before the deadline and I have to send in something.

Also, check out this pic:

Blasting out the Tire Grab on the 1/4 pipe.