Sunday, December 19, 2010


FINALS are about to BEGIN! And as FINALS END so my Unicycling BEGINS.

I'm pretty excited. I just handed in my last paper and I've got one final on Monday and one final on Tuesday to finish up and then I'm free to start filming and editing with my new software!

Wait! What?

That's right! I bought new software. Verry excited to use it. I have plans to begin filming My 5ifteen Tricks on either Wednessday or Thursday. Perhaps even Tuesday night. I suppose it all depends. I've got family coming into town so I'll have to plan accordingly. I'd actually really like to get some of them to come out and watch me film. I know it probably isn't the most exciting thing to watch, but I'd really like to share what I'm doing and what its all about.

Also, I'd like to give a heads up that my first 5ifteen Tricks Episode is intended to be an experamental night scene. Hopefully I'll have power to hook up my lights and see what kind of shots I can get. It should be pretty cold but I'm looking forward to what my efforts will produce.

Stay tuned for more

Cody Shaide

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