Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wings of a Unicycle

So I edited and uploaded my video of the Red Bull ad idea contest. I went with something straight forward and simple. The obvious idea, as with any other sports marketed product, is that it will enhance your performance. I'm not sure what, if any, kind of response I get from it. I saw a lot of other ad ideas that follow the same primitive animation theme that most Red Bull ads have, and I have to admit, they were quite clever and funny. But if nothing else, I know that some Red Bull executives are going to be judging the submissions. I hope that means that one off them will view my video, and if not like it for an ad idea, at least like it for the unicycling in it. I've sent videos to Red Bull before, and either they had no interest in sponsoring me after viewing the video or more likely they had no interest in sponsoring me or viewing the video. I hope this forces them to view my video. What would be really nice is if after seeing it, they considered sponsoring me. I can only hope.

But anyway, this is the video that I submitted. It's from the Midwest Treasure Hunt. Tell me what you think!

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