Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What the heck is with those hecklers?

People bother me all of the time when I'm out riding my unicycle. Some people have good intentions, but others have bad. While some people are playful, others are malicious. But Ironically, both of these types of people tend to say the exact same things.

"Where's you're other wheel?"
"You're missing you're other wheel!"
"Did someone steal your other wheel?"
"Hey, Pop a wheelie!"
"Where's the other half of your bike?"
"Couldn't you afford the entire bike?"
"Hey, I didn't know the circus was in town."
"Can you juggle?"
"Where are your handle bars?"

There are more. There are many more. But trust me. It's rare that I hear a new and original quip. Although the funny thing is, you can change the meaning of these quips by trying to sound mean or trying to sound nice.

So I've developed a set of responses for each of these quips. But more importantly, I've developed a nice response for the people who are trying to be playful, and a much more clever response for the jerks who are trying to be mean. I don't feel the need to post these because I'd like my quips to remain fresh. But I'd like to acknowledge the fact that if I can expect the same exclaimations from people, I should probably have a bag of responses to throw right back at them. This goes out to all of my unicycling followers... We can be more clever than them. Not that it is any feat. But we should definitely be prepared when we go out for a ride.

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