Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The inevitability of snow is starting to bare its weight on me. I feel like I have more unicycling to do this season and not enough time to do it. Unfortuneately the Barron indoor is closed and I won't have a place to unicycle. So I'll be out of the game for 7 months if I don't think of an alternative.

I'm trying to get some filming done for my DVD edit as well as start a few fun projects for web edits. BTW, if you're ever watching a web edit and one of those anoying google ads pops up, don't just x out of it. Not only could it be something that you're legitimately interested, it could help the creator of the video you're watching fund creation process. So all I'm saying is don't hesitate to click the ad.

On a more posative note, riding with Ian, Kyle and Shaun J over the weekend was a pretty awesome experience. Not to mention the St. Cloud Skate Plaza is absolutely sick! I had a lot of fun and I'd like to ride with as many people as I can, so hit me up if you want to shred. I'd really like to tear-up duluth with a bunch of fellow unicyclists sometime. Also, I've never been to Chicago. I don't mind day trips. A day trip for me is something like 4 or 5 hours one way. $ to do so is the only issue.

I'd like to see a lot of colaboration and cooperation going down in unicycling. The sport needs to be legitimized and brought to the public eye. I'm trying to set something up at the Lake Owen Action Sports Camp for the RBF (relentless by fate) team to do just that.

Let's see... Are there any photos or videos I can post?...
Not really. Check back soon though.

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